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Thumb Spica

Thumb Spica

Orthopedic Surgeons, Pain Management Physicians, ER Physicians, and Physical Therapists often use Thumb Spica splints to immobilize the thumb and/or wrist following thumb injuries (ligament instability) and thumb sprains; for post-operative procedure support; or post-removal of casting of the hand or thumb. Our anatomically correct Thumb Spicas provide both support and comfort while facilitating recovery. Clint Orthopedics has available Thumb Spicas constructed of lightweight, durable material in most sizes and are fully adjustable for a custom fit.

Thumb Spica

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Quantity Order # Thumb Spicas 1
CP-04-5092011 Thumb Spica - Right - XS $18.69

CP-04-5092022 Thumb Spica - Right - SM $21.89

CP-04-5092032 Thumb Spica - Right - MD $21.89

CP-04-5092044 Thumb Spica - Right - LG $21.89

CP-04-5092055 Thumb Spica - Right - XL $21.89

CP-04-0010101 Thumb Spica - Left - XS $20.79

CP-04-0010202 Thumb Spica - Left - SM $21.89

CP-04-0010303 Thumb Spica - Left - MD $21.89

CP-04-0010404 Thumb Spica - Left - LG $21.89

CP-04-0010505 Thumb Spica - Left - XL $21.89