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Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers

Health Care Providers were first introduced to the Sharps Container disposal system in the early 1980’s in response to increased awareness of the transmission of infectious disease via needles, syringes, and “sharps”. This puncture resistant container’s evolution has brought to an end the need to detach used needles from syringes or re-cap needles before disposal and has greatly reduced the occurrence of needle-stick injuries. Approved containers are available from Clint Pharmaceuticals in various shapes and sizes at competitive pricing.

Sharps Containers

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Quantity Order # Sharps Containers 1
CP-MDS705153 Sharps Container - Medline - 5 Quart $4.49  

CP-07-0002262 Prevent® 5 Quart Sharps Container - Box/10 $43.00  

CP-07-0305425 Sharps Container - BD - 5.4 Quart $5.98  

CP-07-0305344 Sharps Container (Funnel Top) - BD - 8 Quart $6.56  

CP-07-3114222 Sharps-A - Gator™ Sharps Container - Covidien - 2 Gallon $6.33  

CP-07-0008970 Sharps Container - 2 Gallon $4.99  

CP-07-0305491 Sharps Container - BD - 5 Gallon $13.43  

CP-07-0008980 Sharps Container (Multi-Purpose) - 8 Gallon $17.89  

CP-07-0305551 Sharps Container - BD - 5.4 Quart $4.36  

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