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Other Surgical Products

Other Surgical Products

Surgeons, E.R. physicians, and medical practitioners in hospitals settings and surgery centers often use hemostatic agents like GELFOAM® Sterile Sponges to control bleeding of capillary, venous, and arteriolar bleeding when other conventional procedures such as applying pressure or ligature are either ineffective or impractical. Another agent commonly used for post-op bleeding is Recothrom, a topical thrombin that aids in coagulation of the wound. Grafco, a silver nitrate agent, is used by some physician for cauterization of specific growths or wounds.

Other Surgical Products

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CP-07-0010003 Grafco® 6 Inch Silver Nitrate Applicator - Tube/100 $43.15
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CP-0002407 ESU Grounding Pad - Non-Woven - Standard - No Cable - Box/100 $186.19

Quantity Order # Sterile Markers 1
CP-01-0000200 Fine Point Sterile Marker - Box/25 $16.25 $13.75  

CP-01-0000100 Standard Point Sterile Marker - Box/25 $17.09 $14.59  

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