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IV Start Kits

IV Start Kits

Nurses, anesthesiologists, physicians, medical practitioners, and other medical health care providers depend on IV Starter Kits to ensure a quick and aseptic technique in initiating intravenous therapy. Clint Pharmaceuticals Exel IV Starter Kits are designed for superior performance and are manufactured according to the most stringent quality controls and facilitate sterile and aseptic IV therapy from the onset of the procedure.

IV Start Kits

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Quantity Order # Port Access Kits 1
CP-70347 Port Access Kit with BioPatch and Tegaderm® 1650 Dressing
$21.99 $19.19 $17.89 $16.49  

Product Details or Components

1 Tray 1 Towel: 13x18 2ply Folded <4 Anti: Alcohol Med Prep Pad
1 Anti: Prep Site Pad 2x2.25 2 Glove: Vinyl Yellow Stretch 1 Anti: ChloraPrep® 3ml w/Insert
BIOPATCH® Protective Disk w/CHG 1 Wrap 25x25 Wht 1 Syringe: 10cc/12cc L/L
1 Tape: Micropore™ 1x16 1 Dres: Tegaderm™ 4x6.125 2 Mask: w/Earloop Folded
1 Anti: Hand Sanitizer

Quantity Order # Tegaderm 1
CP-07-0001620 Tegaderm™ Rectangle 2-3/8 x 2-3/4 Inch Sterile Transparent Film Dressing - Box/100 $39.54        
Special Order

CP-07-0001634 Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressing 2⅜ x 2¾ Inch (Frame Style 1634) - Box/100 $53.46        
Special Order

CP-07-1001626 Tegaderm™ 4 x 4 - 3/4 Inch Transparent Film Dressing - Box/50 $91.35        
Special Order

CP-07-0001628 Tegaderm™ 6 x 8 Inch (Sterile) Transparent Film Dressing - Box/10 $38.52        
Special Order

Special Order

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