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Physician's Life Reference

Now you can compare what the media, friends or even family might say with reliable truth from the Bible regarding important topics such as

Physician's Life Reference

Order as many COMPLIMENTARY copies as desired for patients, employees and colleagues as a service from Clint Pharmaceuticals. Additional Life Reference Manual titles are also available for family and friends.

Pocket Sized • Over 1700 Key References • Covers more than 1800 Important Topics

Provided as a fresh new Biblical resource, the new pocket-sized PHYSICIAN'S LIFE REFERENCE is free of charge to physicians and nurses in an effort to give you, your staff and your patients practical solutions to life's challenges.

All active accounts with Clint Pharmaceuticals are welcome to have as many copies as needed for both your patients and staff.Physician's Life Reference

The front pages of this PLR contain an index that refers the reader to answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding one’s physical and spiritual well-being. Our desire is that this PLR offers hope and insight to all who read and apply it’s principles.

For your complimentary copy of the Physician's Life Reference, you can call us at 800-677-5022 or email us at or send us your information on our Contact Us page.

Jeff Ebel
President / Clint Pharmaceuticalsclick here to order manuals

For more information about the Life Reference Manuals, please visit the GoThereforeMinistries website.