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Industrial Back Supports

Industrial Back Supports

Physicians, Orthopedic Specialists, and Physical Therapists will often prescribe Industrial Back Supports for their patients whose employment requires heavy lifting and wish to reduce the potential risks of back injuries in the workplace. These back braces provide excellent support and control and can be adjusted for comfort while either standing or sitting. Industrial Back Supports have been used to help thousands of patients both prevent and recover from low back pain, strains and sprains with less pain, more comfort, and control. Clint Orthopedics offer Back Supports designed with a breathable vented pad and mesh belt in SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

Industrial Back Supports

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Quantity Order # Industrial Back Supports 1
CP-04-5090431 Industrial Back Support - SM $17.49

CP-04-5090452 Industrial Back Support - MD $17.49

CP-04-5090473 Industrial Back Support - LG $17.49

CP-04-5090485 Industrial Back Support - XL $17.49

CP-04-5090496 Industrial Back Support - 2XL $17.49

CP-04-5090507 Industrial Back Support - 3XL $17.49

Quantity Order # Comfort Back Support 1
CP-W9025 Tri Back® Back Support - MD - White $22.95

Quantity Order # Ergo Spine Flex 1
CP-01-3730621 Ergo Spine Flex Power Plus - SM $113.49

CP-01-3730622 Ergo Spine Flex Power Plus - MD $113.49

CP-01-3730623 Ergo Spine Flex Power Plus - LG $113.49

CP-01-3730624 Ergo Spine Flex Power Plus - XL $113.49

CP-01-3730625 Ergo Spine Flex Power Plus - XXL $124.99

Quantity Order # Pathway 1
CP-01-6032121 Pathway LS - SM $114.99

CP-01-6032122 Pathway LS - MD $114.99

CP-01-6032123 Pathway LS - LG $114.99

CP-01-6032124 Pathway LS - XL $114.99