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Additional Oral Medications

Additional Oral Medications

Physicians and other Medical Providers from most every medical specialty either administer or prescribe a variety of Oral or PO (by mouth) medications to patients in their daily practice. These medications are given to aid in either the treatment of or the prevention of, any number of disease states. The most common and convenient route of administration is said to be Oral, although it does require that the patient’s GI tract is functioning properly so that the PO medication prescribed will absorb into the bloodstream in a timely manner. Some of the Additional PO medications available from Clint Pharmaceutical’s include, but are not limited to, medications that treat angina, muscle spasms, nausea and vomiting, and that are used for diagnostic contrast imaging.

Additional Oral Medications

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Quantity Order # Diagnostics 1
CP-07-0901901 E-Z-Paque® 96% w/Powder - Box/24 $119.21  

Quantity Order # Product Description 1
CP-07-0446430 Cialis® 20mg Tablets - Bottle/30 $2,930.27  

CP-07-0551798 Sildenafil 20mg Tablets - Bottle/90 $11.10  

CP-07-1020290 Losartan 50mg Tablets - Bottle/90 $12.11  

CP-07-0565801 Cyclobenzaprine 10mg Tablets - Bottle/100 $3.74  

CP-07-0090101 Hyophen Tablets 81.6 mg - 0.12 mg - Bottle/100 Tablets $260.17  

CP-07-0255111 Diclofenac Sodium Tablets - 75mg - Delayed Release - Bottle/100 $55.27  

CP-07-0003510 Anastrozole Tablets - 1mg - Bottle/30 $4.63  

CP-07-0040110 Stool Softener Capsules - 100mg Docusate Sodium - Bottle/1000 $23.10  

CP-07-0085452 Rotarix® Rotavirus Vaccine Infants 6-24 Weeks of Age - 10E6mL Suspension Prefilled Oral Applicator $1,627.80  

CP-07-0075201 Atenolol - 50mg Tablets - Bottle/100 $4.28  

CP-07-1049105 Metformin 500 mg Extended Release Tablets - Bottle/500 $29.10  

CP-07-2070190 Losartan 50mg Tablets - Bottle/90 $20.96  

CP-07-2088290 Rosuvastatin Calcium - 5mg Tablet - Bottle/90 Tablets $8.13  

CP-9510422 ReBoost Zinc +10 Tablets - Box/60 $15.99  

CP-9540049 ReBoost Zinc + 13 - 2Oml Throat Spray - Cherry - 0.68 oz Bottle $12.99  

CP-9540059 ReBoost Echinacea +6 - 2Oml Nasal Spray - 0.68 oz Bottle $12.99  

Quantity Order # Nitroglycerin 1
CP-07-1021001 Nitroglycerin Lingual Spray 400 mcg/Spray - 4.9 Gram Spray Bottle $171.99  

Quantity Order # Nystatin 1
CP-07-0053760 Nystatin 100,000 u/ml 60ml Oral Suspension Bottle $17.11  

Quantity Order # Lovastatin 1
CP-07-0046801 Lovastatin Tab 20mg Bottle/100 $28.71  

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