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Additional Injectables

Additional Injectables

Medical Practitioners from a diverse range of specialties use a wide variety of Injectable Pharmaceuticals in their medical practices. These include but are not limited to Anti-Cancer Medications, Anti-Convulsive Meds, Cardiovascular Meds, Hemopoietic Meds, Pulmonary Meds, glucose elevating agents, and Nutritional Therapy. Clint Pharmaceuticals offers a comprehensive line of these high quality/low-cost Injectable Medications to meet needs of most Medical Practitioners in their everyday practice.

Additional Injectables

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Quantity Order # Bronchodilators 1
CP-0592101 Aminophylline 250mg Injection Solution - Box/25 $319.49  

Quantity Order # Antidotes 1
CP-1215-01 Naloxone 0.4mg/ml 1ml SDV - Box/10 $193.74  

CP-415-10 Neostigmine 10mg/10ml MDV - Box/10 $1,074.99  

CP-07-0030001 Vivitrol® 380mg/4ml Naltrexone Opiate Antagonist $1,804.30  

Quantity Order # Hemopoietic Medications 1
CP-07-0093102 INFeD® 100mg/2ml 2ml SDV - Box/10 $382.08  

Quantity Order # Product Description 1
CP-07-0012306 Dantrium® Intravenous 20mg Vial - Box/6 $547.24  

CP-07-0054202 Adenosine 6mg/2ml SDV - Box/10 $20.94  

CP-07-0650189 Lexiscan® (Regadenoson) Injection 0.08 mg/ml 5ml Stress Agent Prefilled Syringe $307.26  

CP-07-0614225 Phenylephrine 10 mg/ml 1ml SDV Injection - Box/25 $904.73  

CP-07-0040703 Caffeine Citrate Injection - 20mg/mL 3mL SDV - PF $38.36  

Quantity Order # Glucagon 1
CP-07-0803101 Glucagon Emergency Kit for Low Blood Sugar (rDNA Origin) 1mg 1ml Syringe $378.86  

Quantity Order # Humulin 1
CP-07-0821517 Humulin® R U-100 100 Units/ml 3ml Vial $65.38  

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